To Hollywood with love

Dear Hollywood,

I'm the one of the biggest fans of your movies. Everything in you is excellent; your movies, the 3D animations, the soundtracks, the quality of the films, the FX technologies, the stories and scenarios. Everything is astonishing and it seems so perfect that makes people stun in the screens.

Wait a minute, "perfect"! really?! maybe I need to reconsider you, there is something imperfect in you. Despite my love to you, I always got angry whenever I saw movies with Arabs; here are some points to clarify (us):

1.      Arabs speak Arabic but with different dialects; Khaliji, Egyptian, Iraqi.. etc so when a man who supposed to be Saudi speaks an Egyptian dialect, people know that there is something wrong!!! so.... STOP mixing up Arabic dialects.

2.      Arabs were the first nation ever who invents paths and the first known people who took a path in the term of today (I'm not making this up just search for "Zeriab", also check "the first path in London"). So please STOP representing us as stinky, dirty people. 

3.      We -Muslims- don't pray while 'Athan' (Pray call) is going on... we only pray after it finish. One more thing, if there is a group then they will pray together so their moves are synchronized. 

4.      We are not stupid. STOP presenting us as stupid, foolish and naive people.

5.      We understand English and lots of us speak it well. STOP acting like we only understand Arabic while French and Germans speak English and everybody knows they don't.

6.      We don't live in the desert, we have modern cities with modern buildings and houses (in USA I was surprised that some people do really think that we - gulf people - live in a tent in the middle of a desert!) 

7.      The idea of slaves dancing for a single man in his palace doesn't exist anymore! we have night clubs just like you. 

8.      Arabs are not Iranian, Iranian are not Arabs. Indians are a completely different race from Arab. Afghani and Pakistani are not Arab also and vice versa. And yes we look different. Maybe we have the same color but we don't have the same .... same ....  appearance. Oh yeah 'Mehraga' is Indian while his horses are Arabian, so the fact he has famous Arabian horses doesn't make him Arab. clear writers!

9.      We are not black, yeah we are darker than white western and we have olive skin but Arabs are not black.  STOP putting black African actress in Arabs roles.

10.  When the story mentions the word 'beautiful' describing Arab women then they are really beautiful. so STOP choosing ugly women for the role of Arab women.

11.  We do have handsome guys. so SEARCH for one instead of accepting the first in line with olive skin.

12.  We don't wear like Afghani or Pakistani people, we have our own customs and we also wear jeans and T-shirts. STOP represents us with old dirty clothes. 

13.  We know Channel, LV, McQeen, Dior, Gucci and others. we are stylish for God sake and not all of us put the Abaya on the heads. More, not all of us wear Abaya and face veil. 

14.  The fact that all men have aggressive attitudes toward women is not really true. We have women abuse JUST LIKE YOU. 

These are my points, please consider them in future and in the upcoming movies, I will be grateful if you apply them from the next movie :p and I might give you the "perfect" star. 

Arab Hollywooder 

Note: I might think of other points in the future and you may find another "To Hollywood" messages from me. This is not the end (serious lover! lol)  

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