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Don't know from where to start hmmmmmm Ok... I have a lot to talk about but i have no time for that, i'm working hardly these days.... i will start with news from Salalah

1. Finallllllllllllllllllllllly McDonald's is in Salalah.... yeah to all MC lovers and i know there is a lot  of ppl in SLL who adore McDonald's and they can' wait to visit MCT just for the sake of a cheese burger :p .... so where it will be??? it will locate at the new Lulu hyper market... so enjoy ppl but let me advise u 'Fast food ain't healthy at all' specially this one down there in the photo... it ain't healthy at alllll i'm warning ya Doharis don't get so excited and eat it everyday :p...bon appetit

2. This week the employee in our company organized a protest... i supported them, in fact all the Omanis participated in this protest except 2 girls who declared clearly that Omanis are stupid - i wonder which passport they have?- anyhow the owner came to the company and talked to us saying that all the demands are legal and easy to implement (strange!) and in 10 days he will conduct a meeting to announce the new changes... We are waiting????

3. Searching for a new job become harder these days... everyone want to hire job seekers who have no career... however i'm so glad coz many will find jobs but i can't believe that the salaries of the offered jobs are too low... 300 for Bachelor *_* oh... yes Nawras offered 300 rial for those who pass the assessment and interview... I have no idea how much did Omantel offer.. anyone knows? how they will live in Muscat with these 300, The prices are increasing rapidly and 300 will not give a decent life here.... Ministry of Man power has to be aware of that, as it might cause new issues Oman are not prepared to handle them at this starge...

4. What's happening in Japan is so sad...  i feel sorrow and can't predict what will happen next specially with the explosions in the nuclear stations? i'm so scared :(

5. Saudis Military and UAE entered Bahrain.. the situation there is becoming worse day after another... Iran might interfere too, and if that happen the Gulf won't be the same anymore... Iran also refused the says which claims that her interfere might be due to sectarian reasons but at the same time why we don't see the same from Iran toward what's happening in Libya or what happened before in Egypt and Tunis????

6. Talking about Oman, Protests are everywhere in Muscat... In my way to my job i viewed many.... though our company did one but this situation is really annoying.. yes it's chaos...  if things  continue like that i might run away to Salalah seeking for peace that we always we lived in... I luv our peaceful country and can't stand the new Oman.... 

7. Last thing, the new minister alSaadi turns that he had forged his age in the official papers in order to be able to nominate to Majles Al shoura... and guess what he won... to whoever don't know him before, AlSaadi was a member in Al Shoura Council before he become a minister... the details and evidence have been published in this blog:

Do u think he's a trusted person to be a minister @ this critical stage??? 

c ya :)


Today, I'm a Muslim

Kim "she's soooo beautiful ^.^ "

p diddy

Times Square :'Today I am a Muslim Too”

Media in a move to counter the fierce campaign launched by the forces of extreme right-wing American Islam, it was announced, dozens of famous art and cinema U.S. participation in a demonstration led by the product and the famous American author Russell Simmons

, Which was held on Sunday, March 6 in the largest areas of New York.

Under the slogan "Today: I am a Muslim too," declared Americans did many of the celebrities that they are "Muslims for a day," a declaration of solidarity with Muslims and that any abuse of Islam is the personal abuse them as well.

Participated in this demonstration more than 75 U.S. organization with the participation of many priests and Jewish rabbis who reject the insulting Islam

They consider that an insult is an insult to Islam, Christianity and Judaism and all the religious in the world.

One of those who declared their solidarity with the campaign "today: I am a Muslim too," a lot of Hollywood celebrities, led by Kim Quierdchian and singer P. Diddy and Rachel Roy Kimura Lee and actress Susan.

This demonstration comes at a time of intense debate over a meeting of the Senate, which will discuss the issue closely linked to American Muslims to terrorism"  

 8 March 2011

i found this article about some Hollywood celebrities who declare their Islam for a day in a protest... What u think? I guess it's soooo odd :s