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Times Square :'Today I am a Muslim Too”

Media in a move to counter the fierce campaign launched by the forces of extreme right-wing American Islam, it was announced, dozens of famous art and cinema U.S. participation in a demonstration led by the product and the famous American author Russell Simmons

, Which was held on Sunday, March 6 in the largest areas of New York.

Under the slogan "Today: I am a Muslim too," declared Americans did many of the celebrities that they are "Muslims for a day," a declaration of solidarity with Muslims and that any abuse of Islam is the personal abuse them as well.

Participated in this demonstration more than 75 U.S. organization with the participation of many priests and Jewish rabbis who reject the insulting Islam

They consider that an insult is an insult to Islam, Christianity and Judaism and all the religious in the world.

One of those who declared their solidarity with the campaign "today: I am a Muslim too," a lot of Hollywood celebrities, led by Kim Quierdchian and singer P. Diddy and Rachel Roy Kimura Lee and actress Susan.

This demonstration comes at a time of intense debate over a meeting of the Senate, which will discuss the issue closely linked to American Muslims to terrorism"  

 8 March 2011

i found this article about some Hollywood celebrities who declare their Islam for a day in a protest... What u think? I guess it's soooo odd :s


HilariOus يقول...

2 things comes in mind..

1st. the freedom of opinion which do nothing with beleives and faith.. they'll continue 2 be christian or juish or ... and they give the freedom for others to live freely with what they beleive + **freedom**

2nd. it is the end

thanx 4 sharing

محفيف يقول...

حركة راقية جداً وتنم عن عظمة المجتمع الأمريكي وتسامحه
التعبير عن التضامن بهذه الطريقة المبتكرة سيكون له تأثير كبير.

نحن ندعو عليهم كل يوم وهم يقابلوننا بهذه الحركات الراقية...

المسلمين في أمريكا يتعرضون إلى هجوم من ناحيتين؛ المتطرفين(اليمين) الامريكان والحركات "القرعاء" للمتطرفين الاسلاميين في عربستان التي تشجع اليمين المتطرف الأمريكي وتبرر مخططاته للتضييق على المسلمين هناك.

AmasE°♥ يقول...

@ Hilarious
the end of what

@ محفيف:
indeed i agree with u

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