Seven die as Pakistani boat catches fire near Salalah port

"KARACHI: Seven people, including the captain, were killed when a Pakistani cargo boat was destroyed after it caught fire near Oman’s Salalah port, Geo News reported on Friday. A crew member, Nasir told Geo News that the launch was heading towards Somalia from Sharjah when the fire suddenly erupted on near Salah port. Seven people including the captain, Fateh Muhammad, lost their lives in the incident. Nine people, who were also on board, survived. He denied that the boat might have developed any fault and added that they received help from the crew of an Indian boat."


The ship contained chemicals as some news agency reported, The press in Oman still didn't broadcast the news i don't know why!! but as Hilarious said the nature of the chemicals are still unknown.... 

i already post this in Arabic few days ago here but i wasn't sure if it's true or not....

hope everything went well since the substances might contaminate the marine life here


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