One Lovely Blog Award...

sooooooo i got this lovely award from the cutest blogger ever Rummy... a big thanx to you dear xoxo

and now i have to write 7 things about me, hmmm it's difficult little bit lol,

1. I'm dhofari but i don't wear burqa3 (face veil) in muscat since i graduated from SQU, before i was but now after i worked i think it's useless....

2. I decided not to marry ever... except if my family enforce me and mum already starts threaten me *grrrr*

3. I'm obsessed with Twitter and hate Facebook 

4.  I like to watch documentaries and I love books   

5. Though i stopped working on it, i hope one day i could invent a system to generate and transmit odors... 

6. I'm having a phobia from heights *yaaay*

7. My parents are divorced and i hate my step mum *Boom*

finally i would like to dedicate this award to:

1. Hilarious 
2. Ma7fef
3. Rei
4. Mimi
5. The linoleum surfer
6. الحياة أنا


Rei يقول...

thank u so much ^^,
some of the facts u wrote r the same as me XD

AmasE°♥ يقول...

u welcome rei, u r a lovely and unique blogger... waiting for ur 7 things :)

Rummy يقول...

yayyyy you posted. It' great to know more about you < 3

AmasE°♥ يقول...

yes Rummy :$ thank you again <3

محفيف يقول...

Marhaba AmasE
Thanx for the didication :)
Am going to write here:
1= Am dhofari but i dont't wear (father of the tail) dhofari thoub
2= am single too
3= I don't like facebook eventhough i have four accounts
4= I don't have any account in twitter so i love it
5= I really love BBC arabic and english(radio and tv)
6= I graduated from SQU
7= I hate mosquitoes and love 3eeernoooots
I still have a long list
thanx again

Mimi يقول...

Hey! Thank you for tagging me! Or is that me?? I'd like to share a few things about me ;p

mimi يقول...

ABout number 7. Good for you! Sometimes divorce is better. And you look like a strong young Dhofari woman. I'm sure you're doing well!!

Take care <3

AmasE°♥ يقول...

ma7fef in ur blog pls and e serious man

mimi yes of course it's you ..... would like to read ur 7 things :) and btw abt divorce i totally agree with u, sometime divorce is much much much better and i think my parents did it right when they decided it

الحياة أنا يقول...

thanx a lot
its interesting to know something about u:)
for me
I think am going to do like Mr Mahfif i`ll post my 7 facts in arabic

AmasE°♥ يقول...

ur welcome eaar... whateveer u like just feel free

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