Yes yes yes it's real! A TEDx in our hometown Salalah! 

I was dawdling in twitter once a day and I found an account called TEDxSalalah... For me it was a big shock as I never thought that salalah can be a part of this popular event that should be driven and initiate by the locals... So finally people here moved and the youth start to work positively and do something instead of waiting for the "mama" to do it ( you know who is the mama right?) 

So when I started follow them on twitter the account was so hyper and they were so eager to have TEDx. However, after they've announced the time and some details (and i was about to write a post about it) they delayed it till unknown date. And again they started to tweet and announced new time.. Again they apologized to unknown reason and delay the event. What was the issue? I have spoke to them privately (DM) and inquiry about the issue, as per who replied to me they didn't found any financial support

What a shame Salalah! Seriously some silly activities going on with a big budget and when it comes to learning and knowledge share you don't support them ... I've did a small event in muscat years back and the financial support was an easy thing! In muscat I always saw lots of initiatives with omantel, bank muscat, bank dhofar sponsors and just recently there was a fashion event and booooy they got lots of sponsors... 

Wonder why they didn't support such a good event, an event that really help people and youth?! 

Any way finally they are doing it and it will be in 24th August with "I'm the idea" motto.... Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend coz I will be in muscat bbbbbbut if you are in salalah you can register and attend for free, just go to www.tedxsalalah.com 

Tedxsalalah team.... You rock, keep it up


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