Islam and USA

When I saw this video for the first time I was speechless.... I couldn't hide the signs of astonishment on my face though i have been to USA before, but the question which keep pop-up ever since is are the Americans really against Islams and Muslims???
Is this statement -->> America vs. Islam true??? are we -muslims- in a battle with the americans???
When I went to US for the first time I met a lot of ppl who ask me many questions abt Islams, but one question was out of my scope of expectations... the question was "Do u think we -as US citizens- are terrorists?"....PAUSE.... yeah that was a question from a us citizen, usually these kind of questions directed to the west citizens by us... coz we r always accused by this crime "terrorists", but this case was the opposite.... My answer in fact was another question: "Why?" and he said "Because of Iraq and Afghanistan wars"... I think before i answer but then I didn't say anything, why? because I have no answer... yes i think US army are doing a lot of terrorism actions in Iraq but is that make the whole citizens terrorists? 
@ my first entering to the lobby of the hotel which we stayed in it in our trip to US, i heard some of the reception staff saying "They gonna bomb us" and then laughing, I gave them a smile and I didn't replay... by the time all of them became my friends coz I decided to show Islams by acting and behaving as a good Muslims not by arguing... and guess what, they came and apologized later on because of their racial behavior "as they called it"... and one of them whisper to me "I hope my sisters has your faith and morals, i will search more about Islams".... I smiled for him again.... I didn't try to convince him to turn to Muslim or even ask him to search for islam... I didn't say anything, i just behave as a muslim.... 

These mixed feelings and memories came out when I saw the above video, in fact i cried for her... and I cried again when I saw the supporting attitude from that old man and the two ladies, all the 13 ppl were awsome and have dignity and respect regardless the religion, race and color....
Those kind of ppl are really deserve to stand and clap for them...
Yes I'm against the White house politics, yes I still remember Bosh and his politics which depend on the heat of Islam and I cry whenever I see what is happening in Iraq and I put the blame on his f***** head but what is lay behind the white house, the shaded side of America to us, the ordinary ppl and their abstract point of view away from the poising media and the propaganda ...  how he/she see the muslims? how they treat muslims in their real life???? Do we know that????

What u think?????


غير معرف يقول...

Everyone has the right to be treated with respect ..

مسرح الحياة يقول...

يوجد الكثير من الشعب الامريكي من هم يتفهمون الاوضاع وان سياسات الدول الكبرى تسببت في ذلك ، نعم يوجد لدينا ارهابيين ، ولكن ليسوا مسلمين حقا ، الامر برمته خديعة ولعبه قذره يقع الضحايا فيها الابرياء من جميع الاديان والطوائف .

علينا ان نبرز سلوكنا للمجتمعات الاخرى وخاصة تلك التي تأخذ من الاعلام افكار كاذبه .. لدينا طلبة جامعيين يدرسون في امريكا وكندا ونيوزلندا اظنهم اثبتوا لشعوب تلك الدول مدى رقي واخلاقيات الانسان المسلم

محفيف يقول...

مشكلة الأمريكيين أن فندالهم مختلف لذلك ينظرون إلينا حسب حلاوة الفندال الذي يأكلونه.. فالولايات ذات الفندال الحار المائل إلى الملوحة يصنفوننا كإرهابيين من واقع تجربتهم(9/11) وقيسي على ذلك.

بأمانة لا ألوم أي أمريكي إن توجس منا خيفة وصنفنا كإرهابيين أو بشر مائلون إلى الشر... الواقع وإن كان فيه ظلم على المسلمين من نواخي شتى إلا أن المسلمين ظلو يبرحون مكانهم بلا تغيير ويريدون للعالم أن يتوقف عن التطور(الرؤية المتطرفة)..
الأمريكي العادي لا يعرف عن المسلمين شيئاً غير الجمل والنقاب والأحزمة الناسفة وتفجير الطائرات.. هذا أكثر ما يمكن معرفته عن بلاد العربان المسلمة لدى العامة...
في الأخير يجب أن نعلم أن أمريكا بلد عظيم ونتمنى أن ننضج ونصل إلى ما وصل إليه من فكر وتقدم واحترام للعقل... بلد يعمل وأفراد منتجون..
تقبلي خربشتي المحفيفية ولك مني التحية

غير معرف يقول...

very touch video.. in fact i cried when the old man spoke about his son!! i don't know what i felt thou..
i agree with Mahfef.. it is us who should give a good view about us.. we should stop making movies to convince the others that we are not terrorist.. we should act as u did with receptionist.. we should act as Muslims and show who we are without defending!! coz this is what makes ppl stick 2 the idea..why this strict defending if it is not true..
another thing, it is not a war against Islam it is war against media

غير معرف يقول...


i think the above link say it all.. i have no further comments

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