How to get a better job

It's the question of the year for me...
I planning to take a gap year but still this question in my mind....
How to get a better job?
1. I'm searching for jobs on daily basis in the newspaper and websites
2. I found till now only two positions suite me, and i applied (online off course) but didn't receive any answer
3. I'm praying, supplicating and atwakal 3la Allah in each step to guide me to the best career (i will never stop)
4. I went to many places to distribute my resume but they always refuse and replied "Check the website and apply online" 
What more to do????
Another question: Do they really check the online applications? can someone from HR answer me and clear my doubts coz the two positions which i applied for them i was overqualified and i satisfied all the requirements... i tried to call them but the receptionists always refused to transfer my call to the in-charge staff and sometimes start to list dummy excuses like: "They are in a meeting" (imagine a direct answer!! for God how did she knows she only works at the reception), "No body in the department"...
I have many versions of my resume and cover letters well prepared certified by specialist in this field..
*Oh* at the end "How to get a better job" and "Do online applications get reviewed" .... i'm so desperate and i become "legally Omani" these day... need some answers from you to these two inquiries... or i will go to Qatar and work there like the others  (as I said legally Omani hehehehe) :( 

luv ya Oman


مسرح الحياة يقول...

لديك لغة انجليزية وشهادة تخصصية ولم تحصلي على عمل
وانا لا اتقن اللغة الانجليزية غير yes و No والعم جوجل يترجم وما عندي شهادة واشتغل
ما عليه لو كان عندي شركه باشغلك !!!!

غير معرف يقول...

i asked our HR manager Assist. about the email thing
he told me honestly we never check those unless we announce 4 a job so we check only the related e-mails to that particular job

u can move to a job that not as much as u want.. i mean sth little far from ur desire but still n the same large area.. i know eventhu it still hard.. but never give up.. i waited two year and finally got 80% of my dream.. still looking.

مسرح الحياه
it is not about finding a job! it is to find the right job

AmasE°♥ يقول...

@ مسرح الحياه الدنيا أرزاق وكل واحد برزقه...

HilariOus @
thnx for the advice, i won't give up at the end this is life we all should fight

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