My 2010!!!


It's a special number indeed, hmmmmm, but not to me unfortunately...

To my record, it didn't add anything to me, (or should i say i didn't add anything to it?)

1. I read the least number of books ever(2009 i read a loooool)
2. i haven't enroll in any courses or academic studies so my education record is the same from 2009,
3. My career is the same and i didn't get any new experience nor knowledge in my discipline, i've been doing the same since 1 year and a half... the same boring routine...
4.  Socially, I lost a lot of ppl from my family, one of them is my dearest grandfather :`( though i didn't go to Salalah, how suck is the situation
5. Plus, I suffered a lot from my step mother (father's second wife) this year (i think i want to kill her), this situation really affect my temper and mood (ha in fact i have to be stronger but .... i hate sensitive emotions sometimes )
6. Religiously, i didn't memorize new verses (Quran) since 2009, as per my plan i should complete memorizing the whole Quran by the end of 2010, i only finished the half :(

oh i will stop listing the points now and talked to you little bit, i miss blogging a looooot...
as the title of the topic state 2010, oh it ended up with a big fight with my MUM (luv ya wallah mum)... the story is I got a call one day from an anonymous woman claiming that she's a relative, anyway she asked me a lot of questions and she inquired abt everything, at the last she revealed her goal, which was a marriage proposal to one of her relatives, i really felt shy and couldn't speak well. after the call, the proposed formally to my parents and from here the fight started with my mother, oh finally we reach the point of fighting, yes we fought, why? because i refused simply i said no, again why? coz i don't wanna marry right now that's it. They hit me a mysterious box as the lovely Mimi named them in her blog and they are expecting me to say yes?!!! duuuuude off course i will say no, without even thinking, but then my parents provided me with some information abt him and that didn't change my mind at all. i really don't know why, he looks perfect PERFECT, everyone were motivating me to accept,as he's the princess who can provide me a fancy, luxurious life. he own a company though he's still young, plus his additional WOW features (he's from my home town Salalah but living in Muscat like me ^_^) , but despite all this pressure from my family side i said NO.  why? i don't know, i can't figure out why i refused, i prayed 'este5ara' and even though i insisted to refuse. My mum felt so angry, and she talked with my bff to convince me, they all tried but they couldn't change my decision. Even when my mum gave my answer to HIS family, they were shocked (no one could refuse such a boy), and they tried again and again (am i so beautiful??? loool kiddin') , more they called me and gave me more time to think and said ask anything anything and we'll give it to you, but i gave them the same answer... NO... am i a nut or crazy? hehehehe anyway it's over now... after all these hectic weeks my mum give me a warning, she said u will marry the next in spite of ur will, no matter what u want, u will marry the next :( (in fact i laughed when mom said that, the classic story of the king's daughter came into my mind)...
This is not the first time that i refused someone without a reason.... but seriously i'm enjoying my life free without marriage responsibilities looooooooooooool...

see ya later frnds... miss u all


مشكلتي لساني يقول...

the thing is not what ur perent's wont's or other
my quistion is..why er refusing him..u said all what the girl's won's is on him..u know he can provide u whith what ur dreaming off..so why the refusing
dont be stuiped and said ur enjoying ur life like what ever..u feel free..like abird can fly and do what he ever wonts..but till when..u can't be alone for ever..and don't said u have ur familly..one day u will look back and find no 1 with u..aging alone
till when u going 2 lie 2 ur self..what accually u won't in a man.. & what you are afraid of in being a marriage women
my regards...:)

AmasE°♥ يقول...

Oh *_*
my mum is here or what???? calm down frnd hehehehe it's over now

HilariOus يقول...

am i so beautiful??? loool kiddin'

i liked this one :)
and it is true

HilariOus يقول...

ooh forget to mention

that my study plan for 2010 also got delayed so you are not alone :)
and from career point of view.. i was trying to capture the learnings for the last period but dont know y i cant list it

AmasE°♥ يقول...

hey HilariOus i was kidding really
obviously i'm not the only one who have a bad 2010 year

محفيف يقول...

Hi AmasE
Happy new year
We all have something from last year to do, so dont worry u r not the only one :)mm

I am supporting u in refusing that nice guy. Being a free flying bird is something different than anything in the world... be free
صديق سوء :)


مشكلتي لساني يقول...

yup,,be free..but till when
صوت العقل...ههههههه

AmasE°♥ يقول...

محفيف happy new year
hehehe i know i'm not alone lot of ppl miss a lot of things in their to-do list for the year

محفيف & مشكلتي لساني between u two , my head really get messed looool

مشكلتي لساني يقول...

so think clearley..dear..
& don't listen 2 محفيف..

AmasE°♥ يقول...

i really want to know who u are
ya مشكلتي لساني

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