Body Odor

"Smelly Cat, Smelly cat what are they feeding you?
Smelly Cat, smelly cat it's not your fault..."
I guess everyone knows this song... but this time it's not a cat which should we call
smelly, this time i'm taking about human...
Have u ever meet someone stinky??? off-course we have a lot in Oman... I've been working with someone who smells awful, his body odor is so stinky but i was so shy to tell him that. i'm pretty sure he's not using deodorant nor taking a morning path... I really don't know how to deal with these ppl.. I studied at SQU and during that period i met a lot of girls who are convinced that deodorant is 7aram (forbidden), i tried to argue with them but it was useless.... they said that Sheikh AlKaleley stated it in one of his lecture in SQU and deodorant has a perfume in it and guys might smell it and as per the Prophet it's forbidden (that's true no argue) but there are many medical types of deodorant this is not an excuse at all *duh*.... some of them also claimed that deodorant may cause allergy, helllooo back to the medical ones and in our culture we have an organic substance which may replace the regular deodorant (it's "sheba").... if these girls said that it's forbidden in Islam a woman to get out in public with a perfume on her, then they have to know that Islam also deny the stinky smells and in fact you can't enter the Masjid if your smell is bad (if you eat garlic or onion)....Islam also  forbid harass ppl and your stinky body odor are doing that.... The prophet always encourage ppl to be clean and smelling good... and the Muslims are the ones who invent the soap and use it in their famous paths which were the only ones in the whole world... stop putting irrational excuses, i hated that... 
Back to my colleague, his body odor defeated my perfume 'Carolina Herrera 212 Vip', i tried to spread it allover the room after he left but it was useless :(...

what you think??? what would you do if you meet or work with such a person????


Rummy يقول...

WTH? 7aram? And who on earth would be that pervert to actually stick his nose under a girl's armpit?!

Seriously? I mean seriously? That's unbelievable..!!

You should get a gift set of medical deodrant to the one who stinks along with a gift hamper of detergent..!!

محفيف يقول...


To meet someone is an easy thing but to stay 8hours with someone with SAIR3AIT is a kind of torture ALLAH YSA3DIK
Don't remind me of SQU

HilariOus يقول...

looooool amase it is not only the office, the smeels goes over in all the building. maybe ur co. require such smell as a brand name.. and i guess u make the interview after ones of those smelly so they couldnt recognize whos smells what! looooooooooool
we have couple of employees who smeells after 2pm :( as an alarm system for after lunch time :-0

AmasE°♥ يقول...

@ rummy:
yes 7aram can u believe it
abt the gift i should think of it, but they are a loooooot of them

@ محفيف:
imagine 9 hours even not 8
9'esh dhafer :p can u translate that??? looooool

@ Hilarious:
i gues the .... new fragrance woohoooo
hehehehehe exactly 2:00 oh at least they have benefit at the end

Kuwaitiful يقول...

"did you just fart"

"of course not!? why"

"I don't know it smells awful in here, must have been the cleaner"

"oh... I see"

Indirect messages do wonders

AmasE°♥ يقول...

oh boooooy hehehehehehehehehehe oh boy oh boy that would be the craziest thing i would ever do.... Kuwaitiful i might use it good idea woooow thanx, i let u know if this work

Standy يقول...

LOOOOOL!! i cant believe this!! i donnt even wanna get into this topic,... there is a guy here at work with me, when ever i pass by his place or if he passes infront of me i HAVE TO STOP BREATHING.. yes that bad and it alwas gets worse.. i dont think he showers ATA all of even wash himself.. YUK!

AmasE°♥ يقول...

standy i guess we have to initiate a campaign against those ppl.... ohh and it get worse by time - as u said- that's the problem

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