Sunshine Award

And another LOVELY award from the LOVELY Rummy ... love yaaaa soooo much wAllah <3 <3


1. Include the award logo in a post or on your blog page.
2. Answer 10 questions about yourself. These are below.
3. Nominate 10 -12 other fabulous bloggers.
4. Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.
5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you

1.What would you most like to change about yourself?
Listen more

2. What is your theme song?
Ammmmmmm i think it's Rihanna "Where have you been" 

3.One part of your life memory, action, etc. that you wish you could surgically remove from your brain?
Yes yes i have one memory i wish to remove it forever but can't say it :p

4. What generation do you wish you had been apart of?
The 60's

5. What was your favorite childhood toy?
Family sega :)

6.What's your favorite housecleaning chore?
clothes washing 

7. Do you Tweet?
Yes, search for me at twitter.com :p lol

8. Any goals?
Going for programming phone applications... wish me luck 

9. Do you really drink coffee all the time?
"I am more of a tea person than coffee" like rummy :)

10. What is the ugliest car you've ever driven and were embarrassed to be seen in?
hehehehehehe NONE

whoever pass on this post, i'm dedicating this award to you
including تنهيدة و محفيف و هيلاريوس و rei
don't just ignore the nomination ;)


تنهيده يقول...


many thnx Amase..I will post it tomorrow

محفيف يقول...

مافهم عنجريزي
ترجميلي أول :)

Rummy يقول...

Love your responses and love you too hun :*

amase يقول...

thanx tanheda

ma7fef shut up and post something

rummy :*

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